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3 Things To Remember When Choosing A Ring

The hands are an important part of our communication with others. When gesturing, they express our ideas and emotions. The beautiful and properly selected ring is bound to attract attention and will strengthen the expressiveness and impact of the communication. Traditionally in most countries engagements and marriages are indicated by exchanging and carrying a ring.… Read More »

Jewelry Talismans – They Bring Good Luck

Beauty is in the simplicity, the effects – in the colors. In the summer – the season that evokes women to look more beautiful, younger, and sexier regardless of their age. Wherever you are – in the city, at the seaside or in the mountain, you can abandon the strict dress code and be more… Read More »

Grandma’s Jewelry Box

It is a treasure trove. Maybe as a child you often delve into it, enchanted by the brilliance of the stones. Why not peek once again in there? Inside you will find beautiful jewelry to wear. They are of real value. The old jewelry carries that one spirit of the past and is valuable even… Read More »

Stainless Steel – The New Jewelry!

Today we are witnessing a new fashion phenomenon in the jewelry, a fresh breeze, captivating the young: jewelry made of steel. From the standpoint of classical concepts, jewelry made of steel represents a revolution in the fashion world. They owe their popularity mainly to their original design and aesthetics, to the extremely healthy and practical… Read More »

Jewelry Home Production

Homemade jewelry is the latest hit. The beautiful fashionable accessories of colorful beads are not only a successful adornment but also an interesting home occupation. Harmonizing in the color necklace on a sports shirt, elegant belt of the same material and original watch chain are examples of an ingenious selected set of which will not… Read More »

Types of Earrings According To The Face Shape

Some of the most popular jewels are earrings. There are many models that can emphasize the lines of the face. For example, for women with long hair most suitable are the long earrings that highlight the face. If you are a fan of jewelry, you should know what basic types of earrings are available in… Read More »

Beauty Has Always Been Fashionable

Since ancient times, jewelry was undoubtedly an indicator of the status of its owner, therefore in medieval Europe were adopted laws that allowed to be worn only certain types of jewelry and it by members of certain social communities. In response to the desire of man to decorate his own body, goldsmith is one of the… Read More »