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Stainless Steel – The New Jewelry!

Today we are witnessing a new fashion phenomenon in the jewelry, a fresh breeze, captivating the young: jewelry made of steel. From the standpoint of classical concepts, jewelry made of steel represents a revolution in the fashion world. They owe their popularity mainly to their original design and aesthetics, to the extremely healthy and practical… Read More »

What Makes The Swarovski Crystals So Special?

The time when Swarovski crystals were used only for embellishing jewels is now in the past. Today human imagination and abilities know no boundaries. We often happen to witness strange designer ideas, but being true to fashion and style, we are in no hesitant to attain the latest designer products, no matter how weird they… Read More »

Why Do People Prefer Silver Jewelry?

Lately, the jeweler industry experiences remarkable growth in production and sales because more and more people are realizing the benefits of owning quality silver jewels, which are much less expensive than gold jewels but are still a good investment. Regardless of whether you are selecting a gift for someone else, buying a treat for yourself,… Read More »

Personal Motives To Decorate Your Body With Jewelry

When wondering what motivates people to decorate their bodies with jewelry, we should ask why some people refrain from all kinds of ornaments. A part of the population cannot be seen without jewelry and makeup, while another part prefers to remain plain and unadorned. The former wish to create in others an impression with the… Read More »