The Ring – A Symbol of Infinity, Power and True Love – Part 1

By | April 19, 2022

In many cultures, the ring symbolizes eternity and immortality and conceals in itself a magical power. The wedding ring, the Gnostics rings, and the Ying and Yang are all loaded with special semantics.

In Egyptian mythology, the ring was considered not only a symbol of eternity but also a message of defense and support. This is why Egyptians called Shen the rings worn by the god of eternity Huh and Horus – the god of heaven and light, the patron of all pharaohs.

In many cultures, the rings are engraved with an image. The moon, the seasons, the planets, the stars; phenomena such as comets and eclipses have a cyclic nature, revolving in a constant circle. And that is just the shape that ancient people used to depict them – a circle. They divided the circle in different ways to give it different meanings and thus note the passage of time. The Celtic wheel is a map that allows a person to see where he is in life and what the future most likely holds for him. It shows the beginning, middle, and end of every cycle in the world, being a sort of guide to life.

People have used rings to adorn themselves since very ancient times. Throughout the ages, the band was a symbol of power, strength, and wealth. The complete circle of the ring symbolizes unity and wholeness. It has no beginning and no end, which is why it is associated with eternity and infinity. Its central opening is the channel that which heavenly power flows. The ring symbolizes connection, union, and/or promise. This is why the wedding ring is used as a sign of eternal union, fidelity, and marital harmony.

Infinity around the thumb is a sign of power. Situated in this place the ring is a mark of privilege and social status. The owner of this ring may be looked upon as the master of his own universe which he always carries with him. This is why the ring has always been a mandatory jewel for wizards, kings, and priests.

Looking back on history we can write a short biography of this eternal jewel. The legend says that King Solomon had a magic ring with the help of which he could command angels, demons, and all-natural elements. In ancient Egypt, the ring that symbolized eternity was a rope tied in a circle with a knot formed by the ends. The power of this ring was to prevent misfortune and protect the pharaoh. The written names of rulers were enclosed in a royal ring called Cartouche. The peasantry used amulets with knots in the shape of circles, which were thought to protect them from illness and misfortune.

In China, the circle was seen as the foundation of the world. The ring was a symbol of eternity, but also of power and dignity. The closed ring was a sign of the Emperor’s benevolence, while an open one meant anger with his subordinates.

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