Your Jewelry Box

By | April 21, 2022

The appropriate jewel is important for our overall vision as much as the felicitous choice of hairstyle. Instinctively, we like jewelry that looks great in the window, however, for many of us they remain an unfamiliar territory. We do not even suspect how individuals are in fact the jewels and how delicate is their right selection.

If you have difficulty determining your style or do not know how to wear jewelry that you already have, so that they really look good on you, or what rules you should follow when you add new ornaments to your jewelry box, we are here to help.

There is something to remember: your personality is the key. Always choose models that reflect your personal style – conservative or artistic, there is appropriate jewelry for everyone.

Have you ever thought how your jewelry box looks like? I believe that it has a lot more information about your character than your personal wardrobe. It does not have to be expensive and large, but it is practical to be well organized, so you can easily browse your jewelry and not forget to wear some of them or even avoid buying a model that you already own. You will easily notice what jewelry you have not used for a long time, you will acquire the ability to define which jewel looks stunning on you, with which you feel comfortable and so on.

Before we go deeper into the subject, let’s start with some basic knowledge. There are three categories of jewelry: exquisite, author and mass. The exquisite is definitely the most expensive as the models are created from precious metals, with or without real gems; the author has an average value and in it are sometimes used precious metals and semi-precious stones. It is called so because it connects the exquisite and mass as a value and stands just between them. The jewels here are usually handmade by a designer. The mass is often the low-value category, whose jewels are made of non-precious metals and synthetic stones. They are offered in large series and are often extremely cheap.

The well well-arranged jewelry box includes models from each category – of course, the choice depends on your personal taste and financial ability.

There are six major conceptions for each jewelry box that will help you reorganize yours:

  1. There are no two identical boxes. Yours is a reflection of you and your character. You should not copy someone else’s style.
  2. The price of a model is relative. Do not be afraid to combine accessories with a high value such that are not that expensive. Combine them boldly, if they match well.
  3. Consider whether you have distinctive jewelry that you prefer and often wear. It may itself be unique or the way you wear it, makes it so.
  4. Create more than one “team” well-matched jewels in your box. These are a group of jewelry that you can bundle. You must have at least a few differences which to add to casual or elegant attire. Combine the various jewelry thematically, stylistically or by color and discover which fit together and can be worn together in different occasions.
  5. It is not necessary to use a piece of jewelry only for a specific occasion. For example, your wedding jewelry. The tastes and moods change. Why not go out with them if you love them?
  6. The jewelry you wear every day should be the ones you love. The everyday ornaments must be in good condition, to combine well with the others in your box and to reflect the style you want to maintain in your daily life.

Remember that your jewelry box is a reflection of your style.

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