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Mokume Gane – The Amazing Technique of The Japanese Jewelers

In the perception of many people, today Japan is primarily the country of the samurai, the tea ceremony and the art of arrangement of flowers – ikebana. And this is normal – these traditions are part of the exotic country of the rising sun – as we know it from the novels and movies. The Japanese civilization,… Read More »

The Jewels of The Ancient World – Part Two

Continued From Part One The Sumerians skillfully alternated the multicolored stones and metals, achieving balanced color effects and combinations with great impact. The variety of models and ornaments is quite limited, but the craftsmanship, as evidenced by the preserved objects, reminds us of the jeweler’s art tradition that survived during the periods, for which we… Read More »

A Brief Retrospective of The Evolution of Clocks

When the human discovered that time is the only thing that he can not control, he invented ways in which time can be measured. From the earliest human history, the calculation of time is a goal and a passion for people. The earliest sundials are the first success in this regard. Comparable with the history… Read More »

Grandma’s Jewelry Box

It is a treasure trove. Maybe as a child you often delve into it, enchanted by the brilliance of the stones. Why not peek once again in there? Inside you will find beautiful jewelry to wear. They are of real value. The old jewelry carries that one spirit of the past and is valuable even… Read More »

The Secrets of Black Pearls ‘The Dark Tahitian Jewels’

Black pearls are among the most magnificent creations of nature. They are fashioned in the turquoise lagoons surrounding the islands of French Polynesia. They are often considered to be the offspring of Tahiti and are therefore known by the name of Tahitian pearls. These pearls are formed by pearl oysters, the Pinctata margaritifera. What makes… Read More »

The Largest Gold Markets In The World

Undoubtedly, the jewelry trade is one of the biggest economic branches in a number of countries around the globe. Millions of people make living thanks to the mining and processing of precious metals. This article describes some of the largest gold markets in the world. India India holds the largest market of gold jewelry in… Read More »