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Your Jewelry Box

The appropriate jewel is important for our overall vision as much as the felicitous choice of hairstyle. Instinctively, we like jewelry that looks great in the window, however, for many of us they remain an unfamiliar territory. We do not even suspect how individuals are in fact the jewels and how delicate is their right… Read More »

Why Are Naturally Red Colored Diamonds More Expensive?

The naturally colored diamonds are very rare and the red diamonds are the rarest of them all – most jewelers have hardly seen any of those. The diamonds with a natural red color are in high demand and have some of the highest prices per carat. When people think of diamonds they most often imagine a… Read More »

Brooches: The Forgotten Accessories

In the last few years, fashion tendencies definitely refer to forgotten accessories from the past. Association with the brooch as a decoration refers to our “grandmas” and it would be hard to be related with something pretty or fashionable. Designers pulled out of the wardrobe this jewelry and now every brooch on a coat, shirt… Read More »

Tips and Guidelines If You Are Finding It Difficult To Choose A Watch

The ladies’ watches are mainly used as an accessory by women who want to be in fashion. There are ladies’ watches for different occasions: for official events, for everyday life, and multi-functional watches that do not impress with their appearance. In this article, we will give you tips and guidelines that will be beneficial to any… Read More »

How To Be Fashionable And Beautiful With Jewels That Suits Us?

Probably many of you often ask yourself: What stone will suit me – turquoise, onyx, hematite, coral, or maybe pearl? How to be fashionable and beautiful with jewels that will suit me? The answer to these questions is always individual and unique. But still, there are some things with which we can comply when choosing jewelry for ourselves or for a… Read More »

3 Things To Remember When Choosing A Ring

The hands are an important part of our communication with others. When gesturing, they express our ideas and emotions. The beautiful and properly selected ring is bound to attract attention and will strengthen the expressiveness and impact of the communication. Traditionally in most countries engagements and marriages are indicated by exchanging and carrying a ring.… Read More »

Grandma’s Jewelry Box

It is a treasure trove. Maybe as a child you often delve into it, enchanted by the brilliance of the stones. Why not peek once again in there? Inside you will find beautiful jewelry to wear. They are of real value. The old jewelry carries that one spirit of the past and is valuable even… Read More »