Grandma’s Jewelry Box

By | April 20, 2022

It is a treasure trove. Maybe as a child you often delve into it, enchanted by the brilliance of the stones. Why not peek once again in there? Inside you will find beautiful jewelry to wear. They are of real value. The old jewelry carries that one spirit of the past and is valuable even just because they have survived over the years. Sometimes these ornaments are exchanged or sold to buy modern trinkets. But they are actually a lot more valuable and have more advantages.

1. They are made of quality materials – in the past, there were no such good imitations and alloys replacing perfectly the precious metals. Therefore, the jewelry was gold or silver. With real stones, not with colored plastic or glass pieces.

2. They are handmade – jewelry was constructed not from matrices, but by the hands of jewelers who gave part of themselves in them. There’s something so exciting about the thought that the necklace you’re wearing is made while the master thought of his own joys and problems, grieving about his beloved or vice versa, happy that he held her in his arms. And all these thoughts are somehow passed through his hands and they bear the marks on the made ring, earrings, bracelet. Looking at the flash of the stone, as if you can see him, bent over the counter in his jeweler’s workshop, how he sculpts the wonderful flowers on the necklace. There is some romance and charm in this.

3. They have a history – this is the ring, with which your grandmother got engaged or your grandfather gave it to her at the birth of their first child or brought these earrings from his trip abroad, etc. The old jewelry carries a truly alive spirit. And the most valuable is that it is the spirit of your family. Of your family that gives you strength and confidence that you are part of something bigger, of a community that loves you and which is in your memories and you will always carry it with you.

4. They are topical even today – do not be afraid to wear them. They do not seem archaic and outdated. On the contrary, now the vintage style among the jewelry is very fashionable. Some may look too heavy and formal and most likely they are. Them, you will wear on New Year’s banquet, a wedding or other festive occasion. But the elegant necklace or pearl necklace will greatly combine with an office suit or dress. The beautiful silver earrings small hanging ruby stones, have almost no problem being worn with practically anything or the pierced silver coin hanging on a leather strap.

5. They are unique – unlike the modern mass jewelry, those you will not likely see on every second woman. Even if there are repeats, they are not as common.

6. They give you style – an old pocket watch will give you a surprising charm. Or a medallion which you wear on your neck, and inside are pictures of your loved ones. Such are almost not produced anymore. The beautiful brooch on your sweater or scarf is an extremely original accessory. There is also a lot of charm in that, when a woman wears her grandfather’s wristwatch with a yellowed dial.

Yes, they probably need repair – a broken clasp or the silver is darkened. For the latter trust the professionals. Cleaned up, the jewels will shine with unique beauty. As for the repair, the money invested will definitely be worth it.

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