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The Origins of Jewels

People always strive to look different and better than each other and jewels are one of the most popular tools for accomplishing that. They have been popular for generations and this is the reason why the jewelry industry is so successful. The word “jewel” comes from Latin and is a testament to the fact that… Read More »

The Jewels That Ancient People Wore

Ancient Egypt (5550 BC to 33 BC). The jewels in style were the ones depicting scarabs, scrolls, flowers, birds, jackals, antelopes, tigers, etc. The jewels typically worn were pendants, amulets, necklaces, collars, bracelets, rings, all kinds of hair ornaments, ankle bracelets, diadems, breastplates and distinctive brooches. Especially regarded were the precious stones topaz, turquoise, amethyst,… Read More »

Talisman Jewelry For Good Luck?

Owl pendants grant wisdom and a modern look. Almost every woman, especially the more superstitious, has a talisman jewel. She believes that wearing it at a certain moment is bound to bring her luck, happiness, love, etc., or suffer disappointment and bad luck if she does not wear it. And some of us are not… Read More »

When Did Humans Start Wearing Jewelry?

Jewels in their simplest form have been used since the dawn of mankind along with the first tools and clothes. Up until recently, scientists believed that it was impossible for the early men to have recognized symbolism; that this ability was first developed 35,000 – 40,000 years ago when men began to migrate toward Europe,… Read More »