4 Unbelievable Facts About Diamonds

By | April 18, 2022

The facts about diamonds are like a new book written by your favorite author – you have a great desire to take a look inside, but you fear that you already know how the book ends. But you know what they say, so never judge a book by its cover or an article by its title. You will confirm the truth of this saying once you read these facts about diamonds. Some of them may shock you; some of them will probably make you laugh, while still others can surprise even the jewelers. Read on if you wish to discover more about your favorite gems.

There are different colors of diamonds

Clear or white diamonds are the most common ones in the world. If you have watched Sex and the City, you will have heard about the existence of black diamonds too. However, these two colors are not the only ones diamonds exist in. There are diamonds in almost every color – blue, pink and even yellow.

Diamonds have many uses

From special knives and drills to polishing instruments, diamonds have a number of applications. For all of you wearing glasses, here is a reminder – diamonds are used in the making of the lenses of your glasses. Before jewelers realized how very precious and valuable these gems are, they were used in the making of all kinds of cutting, polishing and engraving tools.

The largest diamond cartel is De Beers

Have you ever heard the name of Cecil Rhodes? If you never have, then you should know that Mr. Rhodes is the founder of what is now the largest and most powerful diamond mining company – De Beers. The company finds diamonds, sells diamonds and owns an astonishing 70% of the worldwide diamond market.

Diamonds are not as rare as we think

Most diamonds are around 2-3 billion years old, which can leave us under the impression that they are extremely rare and their price is justified. Diamonds are a luxury as much as limited edition designer purses and shoes. Their price is so high because the demand exceeds the supply. In order to take advantage of this simple rule of economics, companies only let a limited quantity of diamonds on the market each year.

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