How To Mask Your Facial Deficiencies With The Perfect Earrings

By | April 20, 2022

If you have larger eyes, mouth or nose and you do not know what the earrings are for you, follow these priceless rules. Learn how you can strengthen or weaken optically the large features of your face.

The hanging earrings tend to emphasize the features of our faces. Earrings with strongly curved hooks and minimal contact with the earlobe lower optically the eye down and sideways. At the same time, they would put forward the finer facial features, especially those around the mouth. Note the level where their bottom part ends and decide if you like this area because it will be most noticed by others.

Give consideration to the shape of your nose

The earrings with elongated rectangular shapes repeat and emphasize the vertical contours of the face. The most pronounced vertical component of a person’s face is the nose, so you must comply mostly with it. A highly touted effect occurs when the shape and size of the earrings is correlated with those of the nose. When they are reminiscent of it, repeating its shape, but not the size, the earrings would lay close better.

Create an illusion

If you want to zoom out visually on the eyes from the nose, put on earrings that:

  • are medium or even large in size, but in no case should be identical to the length of the nose;
  • cover the earlobe;
  • do not hang freely below the earlobe;
  • are similar to your nose forms;
  • reflect as far as possible, the shape of your eyes and mouth.

Consider the length of your neck and ears:

Of utmost importance when choosing the right earrings are the length and width of your neck and the location of your ears. Take as a rule that the longer the neck, the greater will be the variety of lengths that would suit you. If you have a short neck, cogs or earrings, focusing the attention on the earlobe would suit you better than the dangling earrings.

If you experience difficulty in the choice of earrings for yourself or as a gift for someone, I will help you with a classic rule. If you comply with it be sure that you will not be wrong. There are several classic shapes earrings, suitable for any type of face.

  • cogs with different kinds of beads (pearls, crystals, semi-precious stones or metal). Just try to find ones that are proportional to the soft part of the corresponding ear;
  • earrings-shells (2-2.5 cm in diameter);
  • round or oval rings (2-2.5 cm in diameter).

If you are having a business meeting or your workplace requires a more conservative look, it is better to wear unobtrusive jewelry. For example, your earrings should not be larger than 0.5-2.5 cm in width and length.

Follow these rules and you will have always professionally selected jewelry. With clean lines, they are perfectly suited for each and every occasion and style.

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