According To Your Horoscope: Stones And Jewelry To Wear For Your Health & Energy

By | April 19, 2022

The appropriate precious or semiprecious stone according to the zodiac sign donates health, luck and happiness.


The woman Aries must wear ruby. This fiery stone will protect her from destructive moods, melancholy, depression, and aggression. The red color brings the Aries many positive thoughts and reloads him with new strength and energy.


For women of this sign is advisable to wear emerald. This unique stone will protect them from diseases, headaches and problems with hormones.


Wear topaz! This stone will store your psyche and give you calmness. For your zodiac sign is characteristic excessive emotionalism that often increases unnecessarily the workload.


Women of this sign can boldly wear amethyst. This stone will bring them happiness and protect them from respiratory problems.


The Royal lionesses must wear diamonds. Diamond will protect them from health problems and will balance their explosive nature. Leo often suffers from heart problems because of his fiery temper.


The charming ladies of this sign may wear amber. Amber prevents the formation of stones in the internal organs.


The women of this sign are advised to direct towards the white opal. The opal will prevent problems with the metabolism.


The Amazons of this sign should wear red garnet. It will enhance their life potential and make them loaded with energy.


Archers wear sapphire and the stars will be with you! This gentle stone will protect you from migraine, joint problems, and high blood pressure.


For you, it is advisable to opt for a tiger’s eye. With its help, you will protect yourself against problems with the bone system.


Wear jasper for more vitality and well-being. It will protect you from virus infections and depression.


Your gentle soul needs a soft stone. Wear aquamarine! It will equilibrate you and will help you find balance in your relations with others.

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