Can Diamonds And Precious Stones Heal And Cure Diseases?

By | April 19, 2022

Everyone knows that diamonds are the best friend of the girls, but who realizes that these sparkling stones can cure diseases?

The treatment with crystals is one of the most modern alternative healing methods with roots from the east and winning popularity in the west. Similar to other techniques originating from this part of the world, the purpose of this type of treatment is to help the diseased recover their energy balance. The practitioners believe that the crystal and matt precious stones are the source of energy absorbed from the environment for thousands of years. When fitted on the seven different chakras (energy centers) of the body, the gemstones act as they unlock the blocked energy channels or redirect the energy, stimulating the healing effect. Once they have established the balance and restored health, the crystals can keep the body in shape.

Although the skeptics may determine the treatment with gems as nothing more than a modern contraption, this practice actually has very ancient roots. One of the most ancient philosophies is Ayurveda – a holistic healing system that occurred among the Indian Brahmins over 5000 years ago. Ayurvedic disciplines are yoga, tantric meditation, and Vedic astrology. The ancient Vedic astrologers connected specific stones with certain planets and have prescribed tinctures and wearing of amulets for protection from the harmful effects of some disease-causing planetary movements.

Although some modern practitioners use essences obtained by immersing the stone in purified water, most are focused on the strength of the medical touch and placing the stones in the correct place on the patient’s body. The patient relaxes on the table and the healer helps him to reach a state of complete laxity by deep breaths. Then an individual combination of stones is placed on the body in a configuration that corresponds to the complaints of the treated. The combination itself is based both on the knowledge of the different chakras and the qualities of the gemstones as well as on the intuition of the healer. Due to the lack of scientific evidence, most healers avoid making direct statements that the gems treat specific diseases but rather emphasize the fact that they act against the negative thoughts and emotions that cause the aches.

The treatment, according to the practitioners, is the result not only of the energy charge of the gem but also the healing power of the touch of the therapist. The successful treatment may end with one session, but it can also be done periodically for months. However, the healers claim that the key to maintaining good health is a change in lifestyle that will help to maintain the energy balance in the body. The recommended practices include yoga, diet, meditation, and wearing the proper prescribed gemstone.

For example, it is believed that the pink quartz has a beneficial effect on the fourth chakra or the heart and can help to maintain a sense of satisfaction and inner peace. The healers recommend the use of at least three stones for treatment – one placed on the chakra of the heart (in the center of the chest, between the breasts) and one each above and below this point.

The citrine, which affects the second chakra (the belly button area), can be used to relieve pain caused by indigestion or kidney infections.

Red or green garnets used in combination on the first chakra at the base of the spine cleanse the blood and stimulate sexual desire.

Amethyst, placed in the center of the forehead, where the sixth chakra is, relieves headaches. Diamonds are considered among the most effective stones for the entire body.

As with most things in life, here quality is important. The practitioners claim that synthetic stones are useless in the treatment. And those that are genuine but deprived of a nice shine would have a weaker effect. Some practitioners believe that stones of poor quality can even transmit negative energy. If you can not afford the high cost of a high-quality ruby, it is better to find a cheaper gem, but at the expense of the good quality, such as a red tourmaline or a red garnet.

Naturally, the power of the gemstones is something pleasant for the fans of jewelry. The next time you look at a beautiful jewel and wonder whether to buy it, perhaps in favor of the purchase will outweigh the fact that apart from anything else, wearing it is useful for your health.

Here is a list of some complaints along with the stones that may affect them positively:

• acne – rose quartz

• anxiety – amazonite

• backache – amber

• colics – black tourmaline

• cold – peridot

• cough – aquamarine

• depression – smoky quartz

• fatigue – green tourmaline

• insomnia – labradorite

• migraine – green fluorite

• toothache – amethyst

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