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Some of the most popular jewels are the earrings. There are many models that can emphasize the lines of the face. For example, for women with long hair most suitable are the long earrings that highlight the face. If you are a fan of the jewelry, you should know what basic types of earrings are available in each jewelry shop.

Based on the way the earrings are placed and closed they are united in several groups.

These are the type of a hook, which is perhaps the most popular style because it is easy to carry and very convenient.

Screw earrings – they are screwed on the back of the ear with a cog. They really are harder to put, but there is more security and are more difficult to be lost.

Earrings in the form of a lever – they are similar to those of the hook type, but have small latches behind the ear.

Earrings type clasp – they have a fastener that passes through the front and back of the ear.

The small earrings are usually preferred by women with short hair. They can be of the type screw or clasp and in most cases have a little stone, for example a pearl.

From the large, most popular are the earrings type of hoop, as well as the chains and the so-called chandelier.

Even the primitive African tribes have worn on their ears hoop type earrings and the chandelier with very complex models. These types can be worn with any hairstyles and outfits.

Types of earrings according to the face shape

The various face shapes are round, heart, square and oval.

The women who have oval faces are the most favored, because to them suit any hairstyle and earrings.

The women with a round face shape should avoid the small earrings, and also have to choose jewelry models that make the face seem longer. Earrings suitable for such faces are the chains and type chandelier.

The women with heart-shaped faces need to create the illusion of volume in the lower part of their face. The most suitable earrings are these of the type chandelier.

For the square faces the best option are such earrings that would make the face more oval.

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