Diamonds – The Perfect Gift For A Woman For Centuries

By | April 17, 2022

Diamond jewels have always been popular among the gentler gender. They are indisputably the most beautiful indicator of one’s wealth and success. They are wonderful accessories that are not only compatible with every style but also give such an exquisite look, making their owner the immediate center of attention.

With even a small diamond you can make any holiday or event unforgettable. Diamond jewelry has been regarded as the best gift for a woman for centuries. But if you want to pick such a jewel that will truly bring joy and luck to your loved one, you have to go about this task responsibly and with the utmost care.

The right choice depends on the taste and preferences of the woman who is to receive this gift. You will have to know her clothing style at least a little bit and also whether or not she is a fan of massive jewelry or dainty and delicate pieces. The metallic parts of the jewel and their color are also important. Some women prefer yellow metals, while others give their preference to white ones. If the lady already has several golden jewels it will be a punishment to give her a platinum diamond ring – she will have nothing to wear it with and it will most likely sit unappreciated in her jewelry box. It is hard indeed to have such a ring and not be able to show it off. Another solution to this problem, which cannot fit into every man’s budget, is to buy her a gift set and not trouble herself with the color of gold.

The design of the jewel is important too – a rigid classic or one with exotic elements. There is no easy way out of this one, not even for rich men. You will have to know at least a little about the taste of the woman you wish to surprise.

Today you can find a great variety of shapes and polishing of diamonds. The “brilliant“ diamond shape is the most popular because of its universal qualities. However, the oval, teardrop and heart shapes are very close behind. Yet keep in mind that the shape of the diamond is not as important as the workmanship. The light-reflecting ability and the intensity of the diamond’s brightness depending on the preciseness of the geometric proportions and the purity of the lines.

If you are selecting a diamond ring for your loved one, you have to know the length and circumference of her fingers at least to some approximation. If you are buying earrings, take her hairstyle into consideration. On this depends whether they will be seen or not. If the jewel matches her style, the woman will be twice as impressed, not only by the jewel itself but also by your knowledge of her preferences and attention to the details of her taste.

The size of the ornament is also significant. Remember that massive jewelry is not for everyone. Pay attention to the coloring of the diamonds too. The colorless diamonds are most valuable as it is widely known, but they are quite rare. Diamonds with a pale yellowish tone are more common. It is impossible to the unaided eye to distinguish the purity and true color of the diamond. It has to be examined under a magnifying glass or by an independent expert, who can give an estimate to the real value of the diamond.

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