3 Things To Remember When Choosing A Ring

By | April 20, 2022

The hands are an important part of our communication with others. When gesturing, they express our ideas and emotions. The beautiful and properly selected ring is bound to attract attention and will strengthen the expressiveness and impact of the communication.

Traditionally in most countries engagements and marriages are indicated by exchanging and carrying a ring. It is a symbol of the commitment and love between the man and woman. Schools, clubs, associations and other organizations often serve rings to students or members. Sports associations honor winnings by rewarding the players with rings specially made to commemorate the event.

One of the nicest features of the ring is that unlike the other jewelry, we can enjoy its beauty continuously. Combining in itself the symbolism and grace, it is a favorite piece of jewelry. It reflects the character of the owner, his aesthetic and personal beliefs. What you should consider when choosing a ring for yourself, you will discover in this article.

Consider the shape and size of your hands and fingers

Take time to study your hands – wide or narrow are your fingers, long or short, whether they are equally thick from the base to the tip or pointed. Do you keep your nails neatly trimmed or cut short, it is very important what is the shape and their size to the length of the fingers. The overall shape of the hand, together with the fingers and the shape of the nails may be seen as square or pointed like oval. Sometimes the dominant hand, for most people the right, is noticeably larger than the other.

Typically, on the big hands suit larger rings. The thin ring with a small gentle pebble worn on a large hand seems disproportionately small, and the hand visually enlarges. The wide ring on a little hand is often seen as an indication of a powerful personality.

Give consideration to your face

You may be surprised by the relationship between the facial features and the ring that you should choose for yourself. The preferred design, often unconsciously correlates with the shape of the face. Instinctively we select jewelry that generates resemblance to ourselves. The selection of the size and shape of the ring, especially those that we wear on a daily basis, are associated with the individual contours and color of the eye. For example, a gorgeous sapphire ring would have stood admirably on a face with blue eyes and would draw people’s attention to it. Scattered stones on the ring reminiscent of freckles and concave elements of the design remind of dimples. Remember that it is important to consider the color of the material of the ring, whether it fits with the tone of your skin.

The visual effects that you should know:

  • The ring which is longer compared to its width emphasizes the size of the elongated fingers.
  • A wide ring or an arranged one next to the other rings visually shortens the fingers.
  • A ring worn on the little finger adds length in the external contours of the hand and makes it wider.
  • A ring with asymmetric or diagonal elements in the design can elongate the otherwise short fingers.
  • A narrow ring located on the middle finger and not covering its full width makes the hand ​​wider.
  • Heavy rings look great on a wide hand or one with long fingers.
  • When wearing rings on all fingers, is formed a line through your hand and this makes it wider.

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