Beauty Has Always Been Fashionable

By | April 19, 2022

Since ancient times, jewelry was undoubtedly an indicator of the status of its owner, therefore in medieval Europe were adopted laws that allowed to be worn only certain types of jewelry and it by members of certain social communities.

In response to the desire of man to decorate his own body, goldsmith is one of the most ancient decorative arts, with a history that goes back to 7000 years ago and originated in the centers of the oldest known civilizations.

Without a doubt, some materials were intended to give beauty and adorn the human body, but it is difficult to pinpoint the time when they are beginning to attribute magical qualities in response to the superstitious desire to protect one from evil, which could hurt him. Due to the lack of archaeological and written evidence that could provide a clear picture in this regard, the small pendants of stone that displayed animals and various objects (Mesopotamia, around 3000g. BC.) can not be determined with certainty as amulets and may have had both the function of adornment and talisman.

We are unable to determine exactly when the jewel became a symbol of the wealth and social status of its owner, probably not when for its craftsmanship were used easily discoverable materials such as shells, pebbles, colored teeth of animals, but surely it acquires value, more or less symbolic when the man finds extremely rare materials and begins to decorate himself with them.

One of the oldest remnants of jewelry – a necklace of obsidian, alternating with shells of seashells dating back 7000 years, was discovered on the territory of Iraq in the area of Mesopotamia. The necklace has very fine goldsmith craftsmanship and dates back before the Egyptian civilization.

In the valley of the River Nile is born one of the most persistent ancient civilizations where the gold ornaments received special symbolic value – decorative and social so that the production of imitations from materials with low value (actually used in Mesopotamia) is a constant related to the trade with jewelry and ornaments.

The Minoan-Cretan manufacture of gold jewelry is influenced by the Asian and Egyptian artifacts, although the Cretan and later the Mycenaean jewelry reveal a perfect mastery of the filigree technique with which were created new themes and motifs.

The jewelry back from ancient times is a symbol of beauty, so ladies, boldly decorate yourselves with appropriate jewelry and be beautiful.

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