Jewelry Talismans – They Bring Good Luck

By | April 20, 2022

Beauty is in the simplicity, the effects – in the colors.

In the summer – the season that evokes women to look more beautiful, younger, and sexier regardless of their age. Wherever you are – in the city, at the seaside or in the mountain, you can abandon the strict dress code and be more challenging and playful with your clothes, accessories, and hairstyles.

Forget the word “kitsch” and unleash your imagination. Everything is permitted as long as it gives you pleasure and joy. This summer are very modern the jewels talismans. It can be silver or golden chain, to which you put a medallion with a picture of your favorite male or female. Or a ring with a small four-leaf clover. You will be lucky with the bracelets, on which are hanging a horseshoe, star, heart. Your beloved little thingies which you think bring you happiness, you can string on a safety pin and attach it to your clothes. Do not forget and the ankle bracelets. On them, you can also hang an anchor, a heart or a ring. Beauty is in simplicity. Therefore stylists offer the youngest bracelets made from colored braids, ribbon or fishing indent with strung on them river pearls or glass beads.

In another option is the wrapped with lace or thread bracelet on which here and there is sewn a bead. Lizards and butterflies of plastic can decorate the summer hat or shirt. Do not forget that fashion is the bright colors. Bracelets, barrettes, rings, and watches are in strong yellow, green, purple, and pink. They can also be patterned with butterflies perched on them, ladybugs or just flowers. The rings and bracelets are of transparent or translucent plastic, richly ornamented with stones and drawings. Hits are multilayered necklaces, decorated with feathers, beads, coins, and medals.

The watches are water-resistant, with colored straps and monochrome dials. The traditional natural coral necklaces can be refreshed with a pendant in the shape of a fish or a mussel. On the clothes in the marine style stand lovely necklaces of small clams and snails. If the skirt or dress is of translucent, richly pleated fabric, put large metal necklaces covered with multicolored stones. Necklaces from several rows of wooden pellets or in ethno style, as well as wide bracelets and earrings with pendants, are a successful addition to blouses with large necklines, curls and sets. Remember one more thing. The small triangular headscarves in all sorts of prints – and oriental motifs or the American flag – are not yet gone out of fashion. For those women who want to look more “fatal” and have nostalgia for the retro are the broad black hair bands.

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