Earrings History: In Ancient Times Earrings Were a Predominantly Male Ornament

By | April 19, 2022

In ancient times earrings were a predominantly male ornament. They were popular even 7000 years ago in ancient Asia. Egyptians and Assyrians used earrings to signify the fact that they belong to a higher class.

In ancient Rome, earrings were worn only by slaves, while in ancient Greece they were the ornament of prostitutes. Wealthy Greek and Roman ladies also wore earrings set with pearls to display their social status. They wore jewels with topaz, garnet, and sapphires too.

In the countries of the ancient Orient, the preference was for silver and golden earrings set with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Earrings were especially celebrated in India, China, and Assyria.

During the Middle Ages in Europe male earrings alternated between being popular and being out of style for long periods of time until the 13th century when the Catholic Church forbade the piercing of ears. This was done in accordance with the dogma, stating that a person cannot alternate his or her body which is created in the image of God. Only thieves, pirates, and representatives of the lower class continued to wear earrings.

Thieves used this means of expression to demonstrate their abhorrence for society, while peasants pierced the ear of the only boy in the family or of a child who had been born immediately following the death of another child. For pirates, the earring meant a plundered ship. The Russian Cossacks also gave much significance to earrings.

Earrings were worn on the left ear by the sons of a single mother whose husband had been killed and on the right ear by the only boy in the family. A man wearing earrings on both ears was the last of his family line. Such a man was guarded by his neighbors and was not allowed to participate in times of war, lest his line disappears forever.

Today different types of earrings are used by ladies with the purpose of correcting and complementing the shape of their faces.

Long earrings optically elongate the face and neck. They are suitable for women with round faces and short necks.

Earrings with geometric shapes sharpen the features. If your features are already too angular, you can soften them by wearing round or oval earrings.

If your face is long, small round earrings are the ones for you, while ladies with the square face type should go for long, dangling earrings.

Large earrings are great for faces with small features. Massive ones should be worn without a necklace.

Brunettes can bravely wear earrings with brightly colored gems, while blonds should stick to the light-colored ones. Young girls can afford to wear earrings made out of any and every material, while mature ladies should only wear jewels fashioned out of precious metals and stones.

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