The Perfect Jewelry Styling For Men

By | April 17, 2022


Every male jewel has to have excellent quality. A nice watch is the best accessory a man can choose, and also the most popular. It is allowed even in conservative situations where together with a wedding band it forms the boundary of good taste. The rule when picking out a wristwatch is to choose one that will go with all your clothes and will be suitable for all occasions. An expensive watch will go with anything but do not wear sporty or trendy watches with a formal suit or at conservative events.


Every man needs to have at least one chain in his collection of fashion accessories. A golden or silver chain shows off either a classic or strong image of the man. It also emphasizes the neckline and the collar of the shirt. If the chain is long, it should be kept modestly underneath the shirt rather than drawn on top of it, where it will be labeled as a cry for attention. As a matter of fact, all male accessories are better worn in mystery, a little hidden and only partly revealed. Otherwise, the man will look emotionally unstable and insecure.

The male chain has to be brave and casual, never uncomfortable, messy or too heavy. Like women, men should also take their body size into consideration. If the chain is too thin in proportion to your body, it will give you a feminine look, while if it is too thick it will give you the appearance of someone involved with the mob.

In addition to silver or golden chains, you can also wear something more fashionable, like rubber or leather with wooden or metallic elements. Such jewelry is best worn with t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts. They are a good way to make yourself look fresh on a Friday night when you are out clubbing or at a bar. Many celebrities are seen wearing such jewels and among them are the actor Brad Pitt and singer Enrique Iglesias. When worn with a formal or semi-formal outfit, these ornaments will add an element of mischief to your look.


Wedding bands are not the only rings that men are allowed to wear. An elegant, tasteful ring can be a very stylish accessory. As with chains, the rings should be coordinated with the size of your body. If the ring is not proportional to your finger it can make you look tacky. Do not wear metals or gems that will clash with your other jewels or your clothes.

Next to your wedding band on the ring finger of your left hand, you can wear a ring on your little or middle finger. The braver macho types can also wear a ring on the thumb. Nowadays no one cares on which finger the ring is worn as long as it looks good and syncs with the rest of your jewels. Keep your style simple and do not over-decorate your fingers with rings.


The bracelet is a good choice for formal and casual wear alike. For more formal events choose a shiny, classic style bracelet that will go with all kinds of other jewels – rings, chains, watches, etc. The male bracelet should fit well and not slide up and down the arm, but stick close to the wrist. Bracelets fashioned out of precious metals are for formal wear but knitted, weaved, leather or beaded bracelets are considered sporty and should be worn only casually.


Cuff links are a great way to attract attention to a certain element of your formal outfit. Use them as an accent and be careful that they don’t clash with the rest of your accessories. Do not wear cuff-links and a bracelet together. This combination will look too much and both jewels will be battling each other for attention.


Pins, clips and other tie accessories are a decorative option that also allows you to restrict the bothersome movement of the tie. The choice of such an accessory is mostly influenced by the current fashion requirements. However, if your greater goal is comfort rather than fashion, then choose a model with a simpler design that will go with your wardrobe.


The only people who can wear earrings are women, teenage boys, and rock stars. If you are neither, then you will have to carefully consider the image that you are going to create by decorating your ears. Many women find earrings unattractive in a man. But if you really want it and you feel that you need such an accessory then a small silver or diamond stud on one of your ears will be enough to do the trick. A word of advice: men who wear matching earrings on both ears will be laughed at by most women.


Although this type of jewelry is considered very fashionable, keep in mind that it also has a social and cultural aspect. Lip, tongue, eyebrow or nipple piercing will reveal a rebel and create an unprofessional image that most men are not willing to risk.

Keep your jewels clean

In order to bring out the best in your jewels, you have to keep them clean and in shape. All jewels can be cleaned, but there is a different cleaning method for every jewel. Keep in mind that silver and gold are soft metals that can easily get scratched and deformed. It is a good idea to have your jewelry professionally cleaned. This way the jeweler will also be able to touch up any signs of wear on the plating or covering and refasten any loose gems. It is enough to do this once a year.

Remember: clean and well-maintained jewels can be a great asset to your style, while the dirty, worn-out jewels will only hinder it and create an impression of carelessness.

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