Diamonds Are Forever, But You Have To Care For Them, Here’s How

By | April 18, 2022

After spending so much money on a diamond jewel, you can not neglect it and let it become dirty. Diamond jewelry care is easy. It consists of just a bit of daily care and only twice yearly dropping your jewels off at a jeweler’s for some expert care. Knowing that your diamonds are well taken care of, will give you the confidence that you need in order to shine to your fullest.

One rule that applies to all kinds of jewelry – do not use toothpaste to clean your jewels! It contains abrasives that can harm both the metal and the gems of your ornament.


Since diamonds can easily scratch other jewels, even other diamonds, the best advice we can give, is to store them in separate containers. It is not wise to wear a diamond ring when you are about to do housework or some other manual work. Diamonds are hard, but can be broken if they collide with other hard objects. Chlorine bleach can erode and discolor the setting of the diamond. Lotions, dust, soap and even the natural fats of your skin can form a coating over the diamond and lessen its glow. This can easily be avoided by daily caring for your diamond.

There are commercial cleaning solutions designed especially for cleaning diamonds at home. Use them with a soft toothbrush in order to clean all your diamond jewelry. Rinse well and dry with soft tissue. At least once a year have a professional jeweler check your diamond for cracks or loosening of the setting.

Colored precious stones

Wipe your gems and the jewels they are set in with a soft, dry, clean towel. When a certain jewel will not be worn in a while, store it in its original container or in a special soft jewelry purse.

Saltwater and raw chemicals such as chlorine bleach and some detergents can harm your gems. Chemicals can erode the polished finish of your gems and make them look cloudy. Hair spray, perfume, and sweat can also cause fading if the jewel is not cleaned regularly.

There are many precious stones and just as many ways to care for them. You should consult your jeweler on how to care for each gem individually. The jeweler will also be able to give advice on long-term care and repair of the gem if it needs any.

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