Lithotherapy And The Healing Power of Crystals

By | April 18, 2022

The belief in the healing properties of crystals is ancient, but recently it has been rediscovered. Ever since ancient times, crystals have been worn as amulets. Eventually, people noticed that they also influence the healing processes and the overall health of the body. Thus they began to use them as an ingredient in potions and cures. Jade, for example, was known in the middle ages for its use in treating and preventing kidney problems. Jasper was useful in curing eye problems, healing wounds, and stopping bleedings. Ruby was thought to enhance passion, agate – health, and so on.

Crystals cannot be used as a stand-alone cure, but can sure enhance the work of medicine. For example, drinking water in which a certain gem has been staying can have a beneficial effect on certain aspects of the body’s health. If you place the crystal directly over the painful area it will alleviate the pain and help toward a speedy recovery. If you rub a wound with a specific crystal, it will heal quicker.

The practice of using precious stones for healing is known as lithotherapy. The crystal most widely used in it is aquamarine, which treats allergies, sinus problems, trachea, and problems with the hearing and teeth. It also helps a person reveal his or her artistic abilities. Amethyst reveals the creative, spiritual side of a person, too. Placed on the celiac plexus, it helps with intoxication and digestive problems. Diamond is the gem closest to the human biological level. It regulates temperature and supports only people with good intentions. Emerald brings inner peace and heals the heart and the eyes. Citrine stimulates the intellect. Garnet gives courage and will; it also helps with stomach problems and arthritis. Opal is used during meditation and crafts; it gives peaceful dreams. Quartz is universal; it has a relaxing effect on the body. When worn close to the heart it ensures the safety of children. Sapphire enhances a person’s extrasensory receptors. If it ever breaks, it must be returned to the person who gave it to you, or else you are in for a lot of trouble. Topaz strengthens friendship and stimulates the body to operate properly. Tourmaline helps with psychological illnesses and directs a person’s mind to the material plane. Turquoise removes all negative influences and shatters when its owner dies.

The effects crystals have on the body depend on the zodiac sign of the person wearing them and also the color of the gem itself.

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