How To Clean And Organize Your Jewelry Box

By | April 17, 2022

Every woman has at least one box with all kinds of jewelry. Some women’s boxes are filled exclusively with classy, expensive jewelry, others – with cheap but pretty trinkets. Regardless of the price, each jewel has its charm, but if you do not occasionally reorganize your jewelry box, it will begin to overflow. When you notice this happening it is time to give it an examining look.

Choose a lazy Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon to look through your precious treasures and separate the ones you will not be wearing anytime soon from the ones you plan on wearing more often. You can use this time to come up with combinations of outfits that would look good with your jewelry according to this season’s trends.

You can designate a so-called “summer” jewelry box for all your glass and plastic ornaments. Keep all the decorations made of natural materials – leather, wood, and rock all the way up to precious stones such as turquoise. The eco-green wave is still strong this season.

During the winter, the wearing of long delicate earrings can be a challenge, because you risk getting them tangled in your scarf or hat and consequently tearing and losing them. Fashion experts recommend large medallions but whether you should wear them or not depends on your figure. If you are slim and petite you will look ridiculous donning a long pendant that resembles a millstone. You can only wear such a necklace as a sign of protest if your boss gives you too much work during the holidays.

This fall-winter season you can show off all of your interesting hand-made bracelets. They are very trendy and will attract attention even if you are not wearing any other jewelry.

Wear glamorous, shiny jewelry right before the holidays to create a light, festive atmosphere and remind everyone around you that the season of giving is approaching.

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