Five Basic Jewel Styles

By | April 19, 2022

We owe the fast growth of the jewelry industry today to Coco Chanel – the legendary fashion designer who raised the jewels made out of inexpensive materials to the state of art and proved that correctly placed accessories can complete any and every outfit.

There is no deficit of jewels on the market, but often the jewelry lines in stores and shops seem monotonous, and their price is sometimes too high to be affordable. Regardless of that fact, accessories are mandatory for each woman; they complete her look and define her style.

We can call jewels bought online democratic because they are so free of spatial restrictions and their price is lower than in offline shops. Jewels can be classified in several different styles. Today experts define five basic styles – classic, ethnic, natural, artistic, and eccentric. Here we will describe each of them with a few words.

The classic style

These kinds of jewels offered in almost all jewelry shops and boutiques are either originals or replicas of designer models. Different materials can be used in their making; usually precious metals and stones, but also Murano glass or Swarovski crystals. These ornaments are easily fitted into any personal style and can be used in formal and casual situations alike.

The ethno style

This is one of the most popular styles in the past few years. The designers in this style have no claims for creating high-art pieces and instead go for different traditional compositions. This is how African, Japanese and Indian elements made their way into fashion. Of course, producers try to use materials that correspond with the traditions of the culture they are portraying: glass beads, wood, bone, coconut shells, pearls, plant seeds, etc. The accent falls on the lively compositions. These jewels are suitable for casual wear only.

The natural or eco style

The interest that this style evokes is growing with each passing day because the number of people who wish to live in harmony with nature is also growing. All eco-style ornaments are made out of 100% natural materials, such as wood, leather, shells, rocks, gems, etc. The ornaments themselves differ in size and ensemble, but being “natural” always draws plenty of attention and positive energy.

The artistic style

Jewels in this category are often non-traditional and this can sometimes be quite charming. These ornaments are highly valued because of the original artistic thought of the author and the exquisite workmanship involved in their creation. The combination of seemingly irreconcilable materials is the key to creating these uniquely beautiful specimens of jewelry art. The products of this category are not suitable for daily or casual wear, but mostly for fashion reviews or photo sessions.

The eccentric style

This is a special category of contemporary jewels that blend unusual materials, new technologies, and brave designer decisions. They are products of a perfect combination of materials, fresh, attractive colors, and a unique design approach. They are among the more expensive jewels on the market, but true connoisseurs know that price is not always the leading factor. Such an accessory immediately gives an accent and draws attention.

Keep in mind that these categories are vague and there are many different sub-styles within each of them.

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