XXL Necklaces – The Rebellion of Contemporary Jewels

By | April 17, 2022

After the large massive rings, the time of XXL necklaces has come as if to show that contemporary ornaments are rebelling against the traditional shapes and sizes.

In 2014 we will forget about gold and silver and revere the non-precious metals instead, along with different metal alloys, yarn, fabric, plastic, leather, ceramics, wood, dry plants, paper, cardboard, and polymer clay.

Ornaments are becoming more and more democratic and less and less valuable in their cost price. The main factor in their pricing is not the cost of the materials used, but the uniqueness of the jewel, which is often hand-made, created as a single piece, and fashioned right before the buyer’s eyes.

Versatility is of utmost importance – extremely long necklaces that can be wrapped around the neck several times, or around the arm up to the elbow, creating an impression of a set of bracelets, or can also be used to tighten around the waist as a belt.


The highlight is on the size and shape. The guideline here is the weirder, the better. Imagination and fantasy spring from the depths of ancient history and are influenced by historical specimens found in ancient civilizations, or hop to the cosmic future to meet the woman of today.

Medallions are with the modern elements of crosses, feathers, birds or animals.

Extravagant pendants can be combined with earrings, a bracelet, a belt, and one ring extending through four of the fingers. Do not worry that you will look tacky. The motto this season is “The more, the better”.

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