Major Guidelines For Wearing Extravagant Jewelry

By | April 17, 2022

Are you wondering what the major guidelines for wearing extravagant jewelry are? Here you will find some useful advice on the subject.

Luxurious necklaces go with simple necklines. Brave and heavy jewels perfectly complement a strong, independent pantsuit while long pendants look great with sweaters and vests. Delicate, feminine jewels look best with fresh, elegant dresses.

When buying jewelry, try to find colors that will be harmonious with the dominant tone of most of your clothes. Your jewelry style should be coordinated with your clothing style.

A massive beaded necklace does not go with a thin silk shirt. If you want to wear something massive over your dressy shirt, make it a pearl necklace.

Classic white pearls do not look their best when combined with denim shirts or tops.

A baroque thread of colored pearls, however, maybe just the thing to complete the casual look of such an outfit. If you are wearing a shirt, the length of your necklace should be in sync with the length of your collar.

A tight necklace of the neck-tie type cannot be combined with a turtleneck or it will make you look as if you are choking.

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