Parts of Your Body To Wear Jewelry And What Signal It Sends

By | April 17, 2022

What do men think when they see a long earring dangling on the ear of their female coworker? What is this woman really trying to convey with these extravagant ornaments alluringly peering from underneath her hair?

Throughout their whole existence, jewels have always played a significant role in the games of sexual attraction between men and women. Regardless of whether they are plastic or fashioned out of precious stones and metals, pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets join couples, if not forever, then at least for one extraordinary night of passion, because jewels, besides directing the gaze toward a certain place in the body, serve also to reveal the character of their owner. They speak to the opposite sex and tell many things, not the least of which is giving out erotic signs and signals.

This is why it is so important which part of her body a lady wishes to decorate and what jewels she is using for this purpose. It makes a great difference if a simple gold chain is placed around the neck or around the ankle. It also makes a difference whether a ring is worn on the little finger or on the ring finger if the bracelet is placed on the wrist or high above the elbow. A lot can be determined about a woman through simply observing where she places her jewelry.

The purpose of jewelry is to attract attention altogether, not only to the spot where it is placed. Earrings emphasize not just the ears, but the whole face and neck. A ring draws attention not only to the hand, but also to the arm, yet you can guess the woman’s temperament by observing which finger she wears her ring on.

Women wearing their ring on the ring finger are sensitive and faithful. However, if she is wearing another ring on top of her wedding band, the message is “I am married but I’m willing to temporarily forget that”. Narcissistic and self-absorbed women wear rings on their middle fingers, while ambitious, willful women tend to highlight their index fingers.

Coquettes have a preference for thin golden chains that at first appear to be discreet. Worn on the ankle, they are a sign of a sexually liberated individual, who is also a perfectionist. Experts maintain as a rule that ladies with an ornament on their ankle are extremely passionate. They are ready to give and receive pleasure because they seek attention even for such a body part as the ankle, which is usually neglected.

A few small, skillfully made ornaments speak very clearly and what they are saying is “Protect me, care for me and love me tenderly”. They are most often chosen by women who want patience and romantic gestures from a man, more than wild emotions. Neat and endearing ornaments reveal a child-woman, psychologists say.

Expensive jewelry is an expression of prestige and high social status. “I am not for everyone, I am special”, is what both the lady and her jewel are saying. If you are attracted to a rich man, experts advise that you remove all pearls and diamonds. Otherwise, you will be wondering why he remains unmoved by your style and beauty.

Extravagant and challenging jewelry is worn by ladies who wish to express their sexual aspirations. It does not matter if the jewel is expensive or cheap, as long as it is huge and unavoidable, it can be considered as an invitation to try your luck.

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