Quick Tests To Make Sure You Are Buying A Real Diamond Engagement Ring

By | April 17, 2022

Times are changing. Women are growing more and more independent, but the good old traditions remain. One of them is the tradition of the engagement ring that a man gives the woman he loves to express his most serious intentions.

It is extremely difficult to refuse such a gift because the very nature of it flatters the woman’s ego. And sometimes the ring itself can be a testament to how well the one giving it knows the taste of his beloved.

A man picking out a ring with the intention of proposing is always excited, mostly in anticipation of the reply he is going to receive, but also nervous of how the ring will be liked. He might casually ask his lady what type of ring she would wear or if they “chance” to pass by a jeweler together he might want to stop and look.

If this behavior sounds familiar, then perhaps it is time to give your partner a few innocent hints in order to help direct his choice to something that would really delight you.

And what if you yourself have not given thought as to what kind of engagement ring you would prefer?

Then you should know that the traditional engagement rings are made of yellow or white gold or platinum and are set with a diamond or zirconium. If you have always wanted a diamond, now is the time to ask for one, even a tiny little one. Classic engagement rings have a single large diamond in the middle. You can decide to replace it with a set of smaller diamonds or a ring of tiny ones around it. The four main factors you should consider when shopping for diamonds are purity, weight, color, and shape or workmanship. The diamond should rate high in all of these areas if it is to be a quality jewel. Keep in mind that a large diamond does not always equal a quality diamond. The gem itself can be large but lacks in purity.


The color of diamonds is also very important. The less color they have, the more valuable they are. Diamonds vary in color from completely colorless to pale yellow, lemon yellow or brown. If the lady wants to have a more colorful ring, this is possible. Contemporary technology allows for artificial coloring of the diamond, so that you can have an engagement ring in all nuances – blue for a lady with blue eyes, green for a green-eyed beauty, pink for a more romantic soul, lilac, etc.

In diamonds, everything is classified, even the color and purity. These classifications are expressed with a multitude of letters and symbols that can truly boggle the mind. Yet if you are determined to buy a quality jewel, you will have to make an effort to learn more about them. The color should be categorized with the letter D – this is the letter for the purest and most expensive diamonds.

The diamond’s purity shows if it has any adulterants and how many. If you are a perfectionist who only wants the best, then you should know that the diamonds with the highest purity are marked with the letter F. The purer the diamond, the better it will reflect the light.

If there are any visible imperfections on the diamond such as small cracks or spots, they are most likely due to mineral residues.

The shape of the diamond is also important. Here you can give freedom to your imagination and get the shape you have always wanted without worrying that it will diminish the quality of the jewel.

However pure the diamond and expensive the ring is, what is most important is that it is given with love. Love can outshine any diamond and be more of a treasure than many jewels. Besides, it is way better to have your hand in the hand of the person you adore, than have your hand adorned by the best diamond imaginable. The beauty or price of the engagement ring should not be a factor in choosing the right partner, yet a diamond is never unwanted.

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