How To Find Out If Your Silver Jewels Are Real

By | April 19, 2022

When it comes to popularity it looks like silver is beginning to replace gold in the hearts of women and men alike. Shiny and beautiful, this metal is used in making all kinds of jewelry – rings, bands, bracelets, etc. There are other materials, however, that look like silver and make it very difficult to determine whether your silver jewels are real or just cleverly disguised phonies. The purpose of this article is to help you determine this important detail.

Check for stamps

Check your jewel for a stamp containing three digits. This stamp has a two-fold meaning. It determines what the content of silver in your jewel is and it also lets you know that it was created by e reliable producer under quality control. These stamps are tiny and are usually placed in a spot where they will not be noticeable and interfere with the design of the jewel. You may need to use a magnifying glass. When you do find the stamp, examine it. The higher the number on it, the higher the content of silver in your jewel is.

Look out for traces of staining

One of the simplest ways to determine that the silver in your jewel is not genuine is when this jewel leaves clearly visible traces of coloration on your skin. The skin underneath the jewel will typically color in a light-green tone, which is evidence of the presence of copper in your ornament. Copper is a cheaper metal used in silver alloys.

During the process of oxidation, the skin reacts with the metals of your jewel which leads to its coloration is green or sometimes brownish-red nuances. If this happens with any of your jewels, then they are not made out of genuine, pure silver. This staining of the skin can also happen with jewels made of other metals and covered in silver because the silver covering wears off in time.

Have your jewel evaluated

If you are still not sure whether your jewels are truly silver or not, have them evaluated by a professional jeweler. You will surely be able to find an accredited and trusted one locally. The jeweler can take a closer look at your jewel and even run some tests to determine the amount of silver in it and give you an estimation for its price.

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