Why Yellow Gold Is Still The Most Premium Type of Gold

By | April 17, 2022

Wearing golden jewelry always feels like wearing a little piece of the sun. Although lately, gold has had all kinds of color alterations (white, violet, pink and even black) yellow remains the most widely preferred color for this precious metal. The deep honey nuance and shine can never be mistaken for those of another metal.

Yellow gold harmonizes perfectly with every style and the ornaments made out of it add class and beauty to the wearer, if, of course, certain boundaries are kept. In order to achieve this deep yellow color, and also in order to improve the mechanical qualities of gold, other metals, mainly silver and copper, are often added to it, creating gold alloys of different proportions. Copper gives the reddish hue that some golden ornaments have, while silver dilutes the deep yellow to a lemon-yellow tone. This lemon-yellow gold is called “European gold” in some countries such as Russia.

This is the main kind of gold produced by countries known for their export and trade in golden jewelry – Italy and Turkey. This is the color of both the mass-made fourteen-carat casual golden ornaments and the designer high-carat hand-made expensive golden decorations.

The so-called European gold is nearest in color to the natural gold mined in nuggets or veins, from which for centuries the most elaborate jewels have been fashioned – crowns, rings, crosses, royal scepters, and other attributes of many powerful rulers. This is also the color of the golden Thracian treasures discovered recently, which goes to show that the tradition of yellow gold has endured for millennia and will remain esteemed regardless of the other colors of gold available nowadays.

Lately, fashion has played a big part in redirecting the taste of modern men and women toward the different, non-traditional colors of gold, but time shows that even though it may step down for a while, yellow gold always returns to triumph in the collections of even the most renowned jewelers and designers. And as we all know, whatever the fashion dictators say, it is instantly accepted by the public and the production lines in Italy and Turkey begin to produce replicas of golden jewels seen in the catalogs of Bvlgari and Versace.

The brightness and shine of gold’s natural color also make it the best gift for every woman, even the ones that are heavily influenced by fashion tendencies. Golden chains, earrings or bracelets are accessories that can make every woman feel like a star.

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