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Titanium was first discovered in the late 18th century. The name is connected with the Titans of the Greek mythology who were known for their exceptional strength and durability. Titanium is the only element that combines the strength of the steel with lightness comparable to that of the aluminum.

Titanium is used in the making of space shuttles, it is put in our bodies in case of fractures, on our sports equipment and even in the credit cards. Titanium is currently a factor for high quality in many areas – sports and medical equipment, automobiles, art, architecture, and of course – jewelry.

Titanium does not cause allergic reactions

It is used in the medical world because of its biocompatibility and is a preferred material for surgical implants and components. It is completely resistant to corrosion, does not react with salt water, sun or bodily substances. When someone has an allergic reaction to gold or silver jewelry, it is recommended to replace the ornaments with those of titanium. And unlike the silver, titanium never loses its luster.


Titanium is exceptionally robust

Its lightness and strength are the reason 85% of the structure of space shuttles to be built of titanium. In fact, this is why many manufacturers of titanium rings give lifetime warranty for their products. In the jewelry, the strength of the titanium provides design possibilities that are otherwise impossible. The softer materials like gold, silver and platinum can not provide such security for the installed in them gems as the titanium. It can be worn without fear that it will be easily worn out or scratched, which can not be said about the gold and platinum.


Titanium is lightweight

It is only slightly heavier than aluminum and has the strength of the steel. Today the word “light” is the standard for quality in many areas. In the jewelry the lightness of the titanium becomes a convenience. The platinum, gold and silver must sacrifice style and functionality to reduce their weight.

Titanium is the fastest growing category in the history of jewelry. Without exception, titanium has dominated every area in which it has entered. From sports products like bicycles, tennis rackets and golf clubs to ship equipment, computer cases and jewelry, the titanium symbolizes the new standard for excellence.


Titanium is pure

Used for commercial purposes, it has a 99% purity. No other conventional material can boast of with this high quality. 14 carat gold is 58% pure and the platinum is usually with a purity of 90%. For those who wish to wear pure material, titanium is the logical choice. It is the perfect combination of art and science. Many people say that if the titanium was discovered before the gold and platinum it would now be the leading material in jewelry. Titanium offers the stylish gray tones of the platinum at a much more attractive price. It is in a place of honor in the designer environments in the world of jewelry. No other metal has undergone such a dramatic rise in its popularity as the titanium.


Can the titanium be engraved?

The titanium can be engraved with standard equipment. Since it is harder than the conventional materials, the engraving will not be as deep as in the softer metals, but will last longer than the other inscriptions.


How is the titanium colored?

The color of the titanium is neither a pigment nor a consequence of a dye. One of the most remarkable features is its light refractive properties. The titanium in its natural form is platinum gray. Its color can be changed by using heat or electricity with a certain voltage – a process known as anodizing.


Caring for titanium jewelry

The titanium can be cleaned with warm soapy water and then wiped dry with a soft cloth. In usual wearing it can get only minor surface scratches. Titanium jewels can be seamlessly polished with standard polishing procedures.


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