The Ring You Wear Shows Your Personality – Part Two

By | April 20, 2022

Continued from Part 1

The innovative modern design attracts progressive women, strong women who think with their own head. A ring with colored stone is a good gift for the unconventional woman.

Antique or filigree rings will appeal to romantic women, those who live a bit in the past and dream of the good old times. Women who love these rings are created to be actresses, and writers, they are compassionate and creative.

The rings adorned with precious stones love the neat women, those who desire success. They are always noticed, know what they want and how to get it. They are modern and well-dressed.

The ring without stone is for practical women. Most often these are sporty women, modest, shy, turned to the family and children. They are unobtrusive, intellectually strong, and sometimes uncommunicative.

On which finger is the ring worn

Furthermore, the shape of the ring and the stone determine the nature of a woman, is also important and on which finger it is worn. The choice, on which finger to wear ornaments speaks at mostly for the internal state of the person and how he looks at the world around him.

A ring on the pointer discovers an ambitious individual who does not choose the means to achieve his goals. These are people with clear priorities, never looking back. They love to manage both their own and someone else’s destiny, feel best when they are strong and when someone or something depends on them.

A ring on the middle finger reveals a person facing the material. These people love the richness and are proud of their professional success.

A ring on the ring finger is worn by most people. These are very emotional people, and experts say that people who have more than three rings on their fingers are hiding emotional dissatisfaction, failure or defeat. Those who wear one or two rings on this finger are able to give and receive love, sometimes are not strong and confident.

The ring on the little finger reveals people willing to experiment, capable and sensual people. But if the ring on the little finger is too large it comes to a person who has sexual problems, experts say.

Rings on the thumb are worn by free women who are not ashamed of their sexuality. In the beginning, a ring on the thumb wore archers to keep their fingers from the wire. In the fifteenth century this finger was reserved for doctors, and in the 70s of the last century has been a symbol of liberalism in love, sex, in general, a lifestyle.

Once the women of the fallen soldiers wore the ring on the thumb and so paid homage to their perished husbands. Today, wear them women, who differ from the masses, whether it comes to the way of clothing or thinking.

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