The Ring You Wear Shows Your Personality – Part One

By | April 20, 2022

A ring with oval stone is given to a woman with whom you are in a deep emotional connection. Square stone like the women hedonists, stone in the shape of a teardrop is for strong confident women and the stone in the shape of a heart for romantic people.

The ring also means authority, status, honor, belonging to a group, power, and symbol of eternal love. Its round shape symbolizes eternity, unity, connectedness, and common destiny, due to which is exchanged during a wedding.

The rings that give magical healing powers were worn as talismans for protection against evil forces. The fairy tales and legends for the ring are a lot, but the general that unites all is that the ring issues the character of the one who wears it. So if you want to give your beloved woman a ring, carefully choose the right one because it speaks both for the one who carries it and the one who gave it.

Rings give away only the men who have serious intentions towards the woman and are sure in their emotions and choice. Those who are unsure will rather give away a necklace, bracelet, brooch

Each ring on the female hand has its symbolism and history, so this is not the right gift if two people do not know well each other, say the experts. Studies show that most women enjoy receiving jewelry as a gift; the first place occupies the ring, although 58 percent of the women are disappointed with the choice of their partner. In order to not come to that – here are some tips that you should know in order to select the ring corresponding to the female character.

Ring with one stone is correspondent for an open and ambitious woman. It is perfect for women who love classic and traditional types of jewelry. A good choice is also for the ambitious, for the honest women who know what they want and for women turned towards a career. The size of the ring is a matter of taste and if you are not sure what she would want, look at her hands on the next date.

The oval stones are for women who overdo and often cross borders. The round stone is for women who know what they want. It complies only with the woman with whom you have a deep emotional connection, or have a very good friendship. Women who prefer such a ring are devoted lovers and friends, but if you insult them they can be very uncomfortable, they do not leave themselves and expect to get back what they have given. Ring with square stone wears women hedonists who have taste and style. They enjoy themselves whenever they can, but are strong enough to endure hardship. They are prone to fantasize and dream, but their innermost secrets are hardly revealed.

Ring in the shape of a tear like women with traditional perceptions. They are devoted in their work, in love, strongly confident, and sometimes with very strict beliefs. Stone in the shape of a heart is for the romantic souls, women who dream of a glamorous life, life from a fairy tale, they float in the clouds. They will forever remain a child eager for adventure.

Ring with several stones is ideal for sentimental women. Especially the one with three stones, because the trio is a strong symbol in many cultures and traditions. This ring is the perfect gift for the woman you want to give something intimate and personal.

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