Attract Attention To Your Best Features With The Right Jewelry

By | April 17, 2022

Never follow the fashion trends blindly. The feeling of comfort and being in harmony with the jewel you are wearing is always more important than racing after fashion tendencies. If you want to be fashionable just pick out the trend that looks best for you and stick to it.

Express your personality

No one is perfect but you can always show your best side and express it through your accessories. Brave and daring jewels are for the brave and daring ladies, exquisite jewels – for the exquisite ones. Accept who you are and do not be too shy to show yourself to the world.

Attract attention to your best features

Short necklaces (36-38 cm) attract the eye of the beholder to the neck area. Avoid them, unless you have a delicate, feminine neck. Be specific when selecting earrings and pendants. Do not choose shapes that are the same as the shape of your face, but rather go for the contrasting shapes, just do not go to extremes. If your face is round, try square earrings and pendants. Experiment with dangling earrings with different lengths. Angular faces look best with shiny round jewels – circle earrings and pendants. If your face is small with dainty features and your hair is short, refrain from wearing massive earrings. They will look out of place.

When you wear your long hair in a braid your face becomes the perfect platform for long earrings. Long earrings also attract attention to the shoulders which are the last part of a woman’s upper body to show signs of aging. However, if they are worn with loose long hair, they may look messy and unarranged. Small earrings on a big woman can make her neck look thick. Large earrings are excellent for a large lady whose hair has a lot of volumes.

Dynamic cocktail rings look great on large hands with long fingers, but even women with smaller hands can wear them as long as they limit them to one per hand. The combination of 2 or 3 discreet little rings is ok for petite ladies, while larger representatives of the gentler sex have to avoid such combinations and small rings altogether.

On the whole, if you are an elegant person with a small size, wearing many or large jewels will make you look childish, but if you are a larger person, small jewels will be lost on you and will make you look even bigger. Wearing jewelry in proportion with your body will help you create the perfect look.

Keep your ornaments clean

In order to bring out the best in your jewels, you have to keep them clean and in shape. All jewels can be cleaned, but there is a different cleaning method for every jewel. Keep in mind that silver and gold are soft metals that can easily get scratched and deformed. It is a good idea to have your jewelry professionally cleaned. This way the jeweler will also be able to touch up any signs of wear on the plating or coverings and refasten any loose gems. It is enough to do this once a year.

Remember: clean and well-maintained jewels can be a great asset to your style, while dirty, worn-out jewels will only hinder it and create an impression of carelessness.

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