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The precious and semi-precious stones have different magical properties. At least those are the traditional beliefs among the different tribes and nations. Ancient legends connect these stones with mysterious powers that can influence the destiny of a man.


As many as the different stones are, so diverse are and these beliefs. Every era finds beauty in different stones. They are not only beautiful jewelry but also talismans that bring happiness. It is believed that the stones are guardians that protect from diseases and afflictions. Even today, for example, is widespread the belief that the Moonstone, also known by the name selenite (from the Greek name for the goddess of the moon Selene), helps to overcome the obstacles of love. It was believed that people who wear it can see into the future. Astrologers recommend to meet the full moon with selenite in hand. If at this moment you entirely direct your thoughts to what you are passionate about, the Moonstone will help you find the right answers.


The Moonstone has the unique ability to demonstrate magical play with the light. It owes its name to the mysterious luster that looks different every time the stone changes its position when moving. In earlier times, this phenomenon had been associated with the phases of the moon.


The Moonstones are quite varied depending on their origin. For instance, a stone from Sri Lanka shimmers in pale blue on a transparent background. A stone from India shows play the light, similar to clouds on beige, light green, orange or brown background. These soft colors, combined with delicate shine, make the Moonstone ideal for jewelry with sensual nature.


This stone is extremely popular at the time of the artistic Art Nouveau style (around 1880 – 1910). It used to decorate a remarkable number of jewelry created by the famous French master goldsmith René Lalique and his contemporaries. Nowadays these jewels are only found in museums or private collections.


In some cultures, including the Indian, the lunar stone is considered as sacred and magical. In India it known as “the stone of sleep” because there is a belief that it brings sweet and beautiful dreams.


The Moonstone symbolizes the holistic view for the man and woman.


Its soft glow encourages the emotional and dreamy tendencies of the personality. The Moonstone is ideal for lovers – it awakens feelings of tenderness and protects the true love. It is believed that wearing a moonstone enhances the intuition and sensitivity.



What is the Moonstone and where it came from


It belongs to the large family of feldspars, representing almost two thirds of all stones on Earth. In the case of the Moonstone, we have a variety of the feldspar called “adularia” which can be found in the European Alps, near Adula group (hence the name).


Unwrought, the Moonstones seem pretty boring, it is difficult to discern their attractiveness – the mysterious play of light. It can only be brought out by the skill of a cutter. The classic blue and almost transparent moonstones come from Sri Lanka. They can be found also in the US, Brazil, Australia and Madagascar. Since the blue moonstones of good quality are becoming increasingly rare these days, their prices rise.


The market offers and stones in green, peach, smoky hue, black and reddish color. These samples come mainly from India.


The light of the Moonstone is really something special in the fascinating world of gemstones. The phenomenon can be explained with the internal structure of the gemstone and its flakes (lamellae). The light rays entering inside it, refract and scatter. In this way is created a fairy play of light that makes it so special and wanted.


This beautiful stone, however, has one significant drawback – it achieves hardness only 6 out of 10 on the scale for hardness of Mohs. This means that you have to be careful with the Moonstones because they are very fragile.


On the other hand, small damages that would occur after long periods of wearing can be corrected relatively easily. The jeweler is able to polish a tarnished moonstone so as to restore its mystical glow and make it look like new.


What kind of Moonstone to buy


If you are purchasing a Moonstone you will be surprised by the huge price differences. As the color is more saturated, as the stone is larger and more transparent, the more valuable it is. Moonstones with really high quality show incredible “three-dimensional” color depth, which you can see by tilting the stone and moving it. Such examples are rare and therefore highly sought after, hence the high price. The lighter colored Indian Moonstones are not only a fashion trend. They are also cheaper than the classic blue version. This allows everyone to choose their favorite moonstone, which suits them as a vision and at the same time is with an affordable price.



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