How To Be Fashionable And Beautiful With Jewels That Suits Us?

By | April 20, 2022

Probably many of you often ask yourself: What stone will suit me – turquoise, onyx, hematite, coral, or maybe pearl? How to be fashionable and beautiful with jewels that will suit me?

The answer to these questions is always individual and unique. But still, there are some things with which we can comply when choosing jewelry for ourselves or for a present for our beloved ones and friends.

One of these things is the color that in the first place should appeal to us. Would you prefer brighter and fresh colors such as red, pink, blue, or you will bet on this season’s fashionable gray and black, depending on your personality as well as on your personal style and taste?

The first thing which you should consider is whether the jewelry will suit the way you dress. If you are a romantic and creative person, you will probably prefer fresh colors like pink, crystals, colored beads, and unusual jewelry. If your wardrobe dominates the dark clothes is not a bad idea to diversify them with colorful jewelry – colorful bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. If you are into the simple and everyday style of dressing and have a rather businesslike nature, to you more relevant would be the darker and more delicate jewelry that is not too highlighted and too noticeable. In this case, however, focus on the outer silhouette – diverse the clothing with a colored scarf or an unusual brooch. Escape from the daily grind with a small color accent. If you are more – sporty, you probably do not even put the jewelry in your daily life as they hinder you in your sports activities. However, do not underestimate your individuality – select monochrome jewelry from natural materials that will not interfere, but can be a great match-up with a more colorful sporty style.

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