The bracelet – what to know and remember when we choose it

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The bracelet is a wonderful fashion accessory current at any time of the year. Thousands of years ago it had been an integral part of the outfit of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Thracians and other nations. Worn as a talisman, had a symbolic meaning, guarded of evil spirits and misfortune. Today, looking mainly for its decorative and functional qualities, it can highlight the exquisite beauty of the female wrist or conceal any imperfections.

If you do not like your fingers, with an attractive bracelet you can divert the attention from them. This can be achieved even more easily when the bracelet moves freely on the arm or has waving elements that attract the eyes of the others.



What we must comply with in order to choose the right bracelet.


Consider your wrist:

The size of the wrist is an indicator of your bone structure. When they are subtle and referenced to the palm and are relatively small, most models of bracelets would suit them. If you feel your wrists too small, wear volumetric bracelets and watches that give them wideness.

If your wrists are large, non solid models with opened laces would suit you, chains or wavy designs that allow through them to be seen your skin. They cover the wrists, adding visual freedom and movement in this area. These models make less noticeable the relatively broad forms. Of such type of arms would stand well and numerous thin bangles worn together.


Consider the length of your hands:

If you have disproportionately long arms, wear many bracelets at once. This would cut the visual appearance and balance your vision.

If you have short arms, the wearing of excessive number of bracelets can hide completely the narrowest part around your wrist and this would give a sense of very short and clumsy hands. The visual shortened arms respectively emphasize the short length of the legs. For perfect vision, wear bracelets that highlight the smooth line of the hand and wrist.

Compare the more graceful and elegant look of the hands with the single thin bracelet and multiple bracelets with that with the larger models. The first two allow the line of the arm, wrist and hand to remain visible, while in the third case is noticeable the shortening effect of the thick and bulky bracelets.


Consider the shape of your hands:

If you have delicate and slender shaped hands, you would successfully combine with your outfit any style of bracelets. Then you could afford to wear a bracelet type “cuff” a little higher on your arm rather than on the wrist itself. This creative approach is feminine and emphasizes the fine lines.

If your hands are large and plump, be careful how wide bracelets you will choose. It is better to wear those that stand freely. Avoid those perfectly fitting your wrist. Even if you feel comfortable, they would increase the width and can cause a feeling of quite short and thick hands.

Finally, a practical advice – always check the effect of the jewelry you put in a mirror reflecting all of your growth! This makes it easier to evaluate how it affects your vision and whether it is an interesting accent.

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