Talisman Jewelry For Good Luck?

By | April 17, 2022

Owl pendants grant wisdom and a modern look.

Almost every woman, especially the more superstitious, has a talisman jewel. She believes that wearing it at a certain moment is bound to bring her luck, happiness, love, etc., or suffer disappointment and bad luck if she does not wear it. And some of us are not superstitious at all, but still, believe in the symbolism.

Jewelry designers are well aware of this fact. Billions of women around the world have heart-shaped pendants, cross pendants, moon and stars pendants.

This year jewels shaped like anything out of the animal or plant kingdoms are in style and are quickly becoming the modern versions of talismans. Shells, fish, turtles, daises and four-leaf clovers of gold and colorful precious stones decorate the jewelry masterpieces of the current season. Spiders are thought to bring luck. Elephants are a symbol of eternal friendship.

Especially trendy are the pendants, earrings, and charm bracelets with big or small owl-shaped elements. Owls are a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge.

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