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Maintaining the golden jewelry in good condition is relatively easy and can be done at home. Despite the fact that golden jewelry does not darken like the jewelry made out of other metals, it is nevertheless subject to dirt, staining and other environmental influences which can make it loose its shine. Here is some advice for you to follow if you want to have your old golden jewels look like new.

Soapy water

Believe it or not, you can clean gold with soap and water, but this is most effective with jewels that have a smooth surface and are not set with any gems. Fill a small bowl with warm, but not hot water and add a few drops of dish-washing liquid or a soft soap. Submerge your jewel in this solution for 20 minutes. Rinse and dry your jewel with a soft cotton towel. This way you will remove all traces of cosmetics and daily wear and will restore your jewel to its original shine.

Cleaning golden ornaments with precious stones

If your jewels are set with precious stones you can still clean them at home without worrying that you will damage the gems. It is important not to dip your ornaments in water, since it can seep through the small cracks and pores of the stone or between the stone and its setting where it can cause rust and loosening. In this case follow the instructions given above, but instead of submerging the jewel, dip a clean towel in the soapy water and carefully rub the ornament clean. Use a separate towel to dry. Then let the jewel air-dry for a period of time placing it in such a way that any water left in its crevices will drip away easily.

Cleaning of hard-to-reach spots

If your golden ornaments have some areas that are hard to reach, the usual soap-bath will do them no good. You will need to buy a very soft toothbrush and use it gently in order to remove dirt and stains from these difficult spots.

Cleaning golden jewels at home is easy and costs almost nothing, but it can help you restore the perfect look of your favorite jewels.

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