Tips and Guidelines If You Are Finding It Difficult To Choose A Watch

By | April 20, 2022

The ladies’ watches are mainly used as an accessory by women who want to be in fashion. There are ladies’ watches for different occasions: for official events, for everyday life, and multi-functional watches that do not impress with their appearance. In this article, we will give you tips and guidelines that will be beneficial to any woman who finds difficulty when choosing a watch.

Before we begin with the tips, let’s first clarify that there are no watches that can be suitable for both formal events and fitness. Just imagine how ridiculous would stand your multi-functional G-shock wristwatch in combination with a formal dress and high heels at a gala dinner in an expensive restaurant, or else the reverse situation: you are in the gym, dressed in sports equipment, sneakers, gloves for fitness and below them casually shows an elegant watch that is inlaid with precious stones. It just does not seem right.

Therefore, to avoid this type of embarrassing situation, it is very important to understand what type of wristwatch you need. If you will use the watch as an accessory, for you will hardly matter what functions it will have, it is important to be stylish and beautiful and at the same time to compliment in the best way your appearance. If you are of this type of ladies, we recommend that you look at the clocks of Armani, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Dolce & Gabana or other world-famous brands, but if you are sporty and looking for a watch that will do the job, definitely take a look at the models G-Shock Suunto. However, let us look at the individual components of the watch and what are the fashion trends at the moment.

Let us start first with the strap. The modern ladies’ watches have elegant and varied straps that can be made from textiles, artificial materials, metal, wood, rubber, plastic and others. However, be careful and choose the best strap for your watch. The metal and textile straps are suitable for business meetings and formal events, while the silicone and rubber straps are combined with sportswear.

The dial of the watch is also important. The large and massive dials are more suitable for the men’s watches, whereas for the ladies’, the size of the hull must be more subtle – about 20-30 millimeters in diameter. Although at the moment the manufacturers create ladies’ watches with increasingly massive dials.

It would be better if the watch that you have chosen is waterproof, of course not to shower with it, but because of the constant wetting of the hands from sweating, rain or involuntary leakage of any liquid on it.

Last but not least is the choice of the color of the watch. This of course is a matter of personal choice, but the recent fashion trends are the dial to be the different, inconsistent color to the strap. This trend is observed on a large part of the branded watches, as well as in the unbranded, ordinary watches.

However, if you are looking for a watch for official meetings and events, it is frivolous to occur with a watch in different bright colors. The color of the official watch must be in tune with the rest of your outfit because the watch is used as a complement to it and should not stand out. And if you need a sports watch for every day give your choice to the colorful one.

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