Long Or Short Fingers: How To Pick The Perfect Ring

By | April 17, 2022

There are three ways to buy jewelry – you can either be very picky or an impulsive buyer, or a combination of both. Many people buy rings based on how they look without considering their own hand shape, their fingers or comfort as factors. Of course, you will want to buy a ring that looks good, but will it look just as good once you place it on your hand? Jewels are like clothes – they may look great on the models at the store, but not so great once you put them on your own specific figure. And here is where this article can help you.

Look at your hands. Are they wide or narrow? Are your fingers long or short? It is very important that you know this.

If you have large hands you will have to go for solid, massive rings, because a fine, dainty band can break or come loose once you bend your finger. Do not wear small, gentle-looking rings, because they will look out of proportion on you. Broad bands can fit nicely, but if you want to keep them feminine, stick to the ones around 1 cm wide. You are one of the lucky ladies who can wear large gems. Do not miss this opportunity.

If your hands are small and thin, you probably already know that large, massive rings are not meant for you. Go for the fine, gentle designs. They will look best on you and feel most comfortable. You can also wear wide bands as long as they are not so wide that won’t allow you to bend your finger. If you are buying rings online and do not have the opportunity to try them on first, check the width specified in the description.

Wide rings are very fashionable right now, but they are clearly not meant for everyone. They look best on thin, long fingers. If you are lucky enough to have such fingers, most rings will look good on you, except the thinnest ones. Stick to a width of at least ½ cm and pay special attention to the width at the front of the ring.

Short, round fingers have to avoid wide rings. They will not be comfortable and will end up at the bottom of your jewelry box, rarely seeing the light of day. If your fingers are short, choose rings with small to middle width. If you want to have a massive ring, then get one that narrows in the back to about ½ cm or less. Try wearing a colorful gem or a miniature ring. That will optically elongate your fingers.

Finally, use your own aesthetic sense. If you think a ring looks good on you, then buy it, even if it breaks the rules. Do not be afraid to show your personality in your jewelry.

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