How To Pick The Right Jewelry For Your Woman

By | April 17, 2022

Buying expensive jewels is a serious investment. When buying them for someone else, it is very important that they will be appreciated. It is possible however that your girlfriend or significant other does not share your taste in jewelry. If she is to like your gift and truly value it, you have to buy her jewels according to her preferences.

Here is some advice on how to pick out jewels she will be happy to receive:


Pay attention to what kind of jewels she wears every day or at formal events. If she has a large collection of bracelets but rarely wears earrings, do not buy her expensive earrings. They will be a waste of money if they are not in sync with her style.

Ask her friends

Avoid asking her questions, because you will give out your intentions and spoil the surprise. Instead, ask her sister, mother or one of her close friends. They will be able to tell you what she would wear or not wear. When you feel confident that you have discovered her favorite style of jewelry, then it is time for the purchase.


Take a peek inside her jewelry box and notice which of her present jewels she wears often and which she almost never wears. If you are living together, this should be an easy task. If not, then do not do it – you might get arrested.

In sync with her style

What kind of clothes does your girlfriend wear? What is her style of preference – classic, sporty or fashionable? The jewel you will give her must correspond with her clothing style also. If you are not sure, ask the consultant in the jewelry shop. You can take some trustworthy friend of hers along, but make sure that she will not give out the surprise behind your back.

Leave your mark

If money is not an issue for you, you can have the jewel engraved with a name or a quote that will enhance its sentimental value. Engraving takes time, so if you are planning on buying this gift for a special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday, you will have to order it earlier so that the jeweler will have sufficient time to complete your assignment. This will make your gift unique and she will always wear it with a smile.

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