Long Or Short Necklaces? How To Pick The Perfect Necklace For Your Outfit

By | April 17, 2022

A well-selected necklace can add a lot of style to your outfit. If given as a gift it can also be seen as a romantic gesture.

When choosing a necklace, remember that its length is very important for the message the necklace will be emitting. Longer necklaces highlight the breasts, while shorter ones emphasize the delicate curves of the neckline.

Standard lengths

Most necklaces that can be found in the jewelry shops have standard lengths, but even if they do not it is quite easy to imagine how low they will droop. Use the necklaces you already have as a gauge for the length you are looking for. Another idea is to try on necklaces of different lengths and see what will look best on you.

Adjustable length

Some necklaces have extra hoops at the end. You can use them to adjust the length of your necklace depending on the outfit and mood you are in. Such ornaments give more flexibility and variety to your choice, and the decorative end that remains dangling on the back of the neck is a very stylish advantage. When you are selecting a necklace for a gift and are not sure what length to choose, the adjustable models are a great option.

Short necklaces

They are typically around 40 cm long and lay a little above the collarbone where they accentuate on the neckline. Shorter necklaces than this are called collars and fit snugly around the neck.

Long necklaces


This is a necklace around 45 cm in length that hangs right below the collar bone.


Around 60 cm long, this necklace drops low, to the area of the breasts.


This is an even longer necklace – around 70 cm.


These are very long necklaces that can either be worn in their full length or wrapped around the neck once and turned into a shorter model.


This is another type of extremely long necklace with ends that dangle freely or can be tied in different ways depending on your style and preference.

Measuring the length

The snap or fastener can add 2 or more cm to the length of the necklace, so when you are shopping for such ornaments make sure that the length specified on the package includes the fastener.

Metallic chains

They go with everything. A short platinum or silver chain will give you a touch of glamour. Longer chains of silver or gold will draw attention to your outfit.


They can be worn with dresses as well as with jeans. Pendants attract attention with their interesting shapes, especially if they are made of precious metals and gems.

Pearl strings

They are an important element in every woman’s wardrobe. When worn with a dress they give it undisputed style and elegance.

Fashionable necklaces

This category includes all eccentric or unusual necklaces that can be rearranged or remodeled in multiple ways.

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