How To Combine Different Jewels

By | April 17, 2022

Buying jewelry sets makes combining them much easier. Necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, which are made to be worn together, can surely save you the trouble of harmonizing different jewels yourself. Yet, sets can sometimes lose their charm, because they are too predictable and often can be interpreted that the person wearing them has no imagination.

If you want to make combinations with and among your jewels, you will have to keep this basic rule: similar colors, materials, models and styles go together nicely. In addition, if some aspect of the jewelry you are wearing is extravagant, then the rest of it should be simple and not battle it for attention. This will give your combination of jewels the proper accent point and will help you avoid tackiness.

For example, a dramatic necklace looks good enough without earrings, but it can be combined with small studs or buttons. Likewise, brave extremely long earrings should be worn without a necklace or with a delicate little necklace made of the same or similar material and sharing the same elements.

Feel free to combine silver and gold but make sure you think this combination through. For example, sparkling silver and gold chains worn together are distracting and look stylish, unlike the boring old monochromatic sets.

Avoid the combination of a silver pendant and a golden bracelet or vice versa. When it comes to metals, you have to rely on your own aesthetics, depending on your personal taste, eye color, and financial abilities. Keep in mind that silver jewelry is seen as common and casual and is not entirely appropriate for formal occasions.

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