Four Factors To Consider When Choosing a Wristwatch

By | April 19, 2022

Tick-tock, tick-tock … Some say that time heals, others – that time is money. Whatever the thought going through your mind at the moment, the clock in today’s hectic life, except necessity has become a beautiful and increasingly preferred accessory suitable for any age and gender. But how to choose the right piece of jewelry for us to shine with that luster that is due to us and makes us different and unique?

 1.      According to the mechanism of the clock

There are basically three types of clocks – mechanical, electro-mechanical (quartz), and electronic and the difference is very simple. The mechanical has three arrows that indicate the hours, minutes, and seconds and the quartz displays the current time in numbers on the screen (electronic dial). Most of the new models, mostly the quartz, except time, display and the exact date, air temperature, and any new technological ideas of the manufacturers. The question of which is more practical and better looking externally is still controversial, but we believe it is a matter of personal taste.

2.      According to the style

The market for watches is already enough saturated and abounds in all colors, shapes, and materials. We advise you to choose the appearance of the watch according to your own style and preferences. If you are an active person, athlete, love hiking in the mountains, or work in a casual environment, then a watch with a rubber strap is the ideal choice. If you prefer something more elegant, clean, and with a classic look, for you are the watches with exquisite leather or metal strap. Whichever watch you choose, the strap should ideally fit your hand.

Most models, especially the metal ones have the opportunity for the strap to be decreased or extended in order to feel comfortable. For people with larger wrists are recommended wider straps, and for people with smaller wrists the narrower. Do not forget that except beautiful in appearance, it should be comfortable and functional to actually perform its main function. If you want your watch to combine everything, choose one in a neutral color like black, brown or metallic, because they match any clothing and fabrics. And for extra shine, especially for the ladies – one stone is never superfluous.

3.      According to the material

One of the important factors by which we need to choose a watch is the material. It also has different variations, it passes through aluminum alloy, brass, gold, platinum, silver, stainless steel, plastic, and lead to titanium. One of the most commonly used materials is stainless steel and brass. They are relatively affordable in price and are extremely durable if you decide to invest in precisely such. If you opt for gold or platinum, note that you must be extremely careful because they are easily scratched. The glass of the watches can be of crystal, sapphire, minerals, and of course – plastic. The plastic is naturally the most inexpensive, so we recommend some of the other options if you hold to actually having a jewel.

4.      Price and maintenance

Everything written so far of course in large part determines the price of the watch. If you need a watch that can be beautiful, useful, and sustainable invest more money and they will be returned many times over the years, for which you will not regret. Whichever watch you choose, inquire about the manufacturer. Feel free to experiment with colors, materials, and brands until you find the real one. And when you find it, take care of it by regularly cleaning it, polishing it, and trying to keep it dry. So both of you will be useful to each other. Be of good cheer…

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