Fashion tendencies for jewels


In jewels and fashion accessories this fall and winter there will be a palette of colors; from gold, silver, black, grey, emerald green and sky blue to the warmer tones of amber, brick red and so on. Pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings made of gold, silver and jewelry alloys will impress the public with the exceptional workmanship of the gems they are embellished with. This year, special charms are found in lazuli, ruby, topaz, garnet, onyx, emerald, hematite and malachite.

These precious and semi-precious stones are often combined in the making of thin necklaces, short around the neck, with the purpose of brightening the face and making even a casual outfit look more stylish. Also popular are going to be the large and small pendants around 60-70 mm in length made out of silver, gold and pink gold.




This fall and winter bracelets can be divided into two categories. The first includes extremely thin shiny bracelets with alternating colors and a small charm, while in the second are all the bracelets made from a single chain, decorated and embellished with multiple charms and gems in every shape.

For rings, the classic design of a single stone in the middle, not too large, yet not too small either, surrounded by white zirconia is still in style. The hand is the second most important and visible part of the body that has to be highlighted, right after the face.

Earrings are extremely important for women. Along with confidence and self-esteem, they give allure, class, style and glamour to the woman wearing them. Especially exquisite are the earrings studded with pearls, zircon, diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

So dear ladies, do not be shy! Take care of yourself, create your own style, be unique and experiment with the magnificence of precious and semi-precious stones, because apart from beauty, jewels are sure to bring you a lot of positive energy, pleasant emotions and magnetism.

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