Matching Your Personal Style With The Right Jewelry

By | April 17, 2022

The combination of clothes and accessories is extremely important for the image of every lady. But there is one element without which the appearance seems incomplete – jewelry. Ever since antiquity, jewels have been used to demonstrate social status, to attract the opposite gender, and to express one’s individuality through his or her outward appearance. The jewels one wears reveal the emotional state, aspirations, and beliefs of the owner.

Even though lately there has been a great diversity of jewels on the market, the most valued and popular are the ornaments made of precious metals and gems. Aside from the aesthetic reasons behind this choice, such jewels reveal an aspiration for beauty and luxury – two things that are desired by every contemporary woman. These ornaments can be worn at different occasions depending on their size and style. The simpler models are excellent for casual wear, while the larger and more extravagant ones are suitable for formal wear.

Although not as popular as they were in the past, pearls remain the eternal symbol of class and conservative style. The lady who wears pearl jewels has both feet planted firmly on the ground. She is a stable, confident woman who has found her place in life.

The women showing a preference for brightly colored jewels demonstrate a free spirit, an aspiration for uniqueness, and self-expression. When you are wearing bright ornaments, avoid combining them with brightly colored clothes. Otherwise, you will strain your eyes with too much color and create tackiness. Bright jewels are best worn with outfits in the classic black, white, grey or if you want to be a little more daring, wear a monochromatic outfit in a tone that is harmonized with your jewels. This way you will create a fresh party look.

Bold ladies, who do not fear to be the center of attention, wear large ornaments. If you are one of them, make sure to combine your massive jewels with clean-cut simple outfits and classic models, like the little black dress. This way the jewels will stand out even more on the background of your outfit. Do not go overboard with the large ornaments or else they will not be noticed.

Small, dainty jewels are the preference of ladies who do not wish to attract attention. In most cases such ladies are modest, good-natured and feminine. Their jewels are suitable for events that hold no glamour – family reunions, business meetings, outings with friends and other daily events.

Do not dread being noticed. Your jewels can emphasize the uniqueness of your character. When they are tastefully selected and skillfully combined, they can be a real asset to your personality.

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