Australia and the passion for opals. Part 2

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The Australian diamonds


The Argyle Diamond mine is located in Kimberley, Western Australia. In this mine are harvested 40% of the diamonds in the world, measured in carats. However, besides a few hundred carats of the characteristic purple-pink stones and several thousand carats of the less valuable but attractive brown-rose stones, the mine has the reputation of “McDonald’s” in the diamond industry. If you are looking for cheap small diamonds for mass jewelry – Australia is where you will find them.


In fact the diamonds from “Argyle” are ground in India where thousands of low-paid workers form these tiny diamonds stones suitable for jewelry use. There is another kind of diamond that Australia produces massively – this is the diamond, which is cleverly positioned on the market with the terms “champagne” and “cognac”. In fact, it’s about diamonds with brownish tints. Unlike other similar diamonds, the Australian ones have light orange and yellow secondary colors. If you are looking for a coffee-colored diamond with or without cream – Australia is your country!


The Australian pearls


Although Australia has about twenty pearl farms on its western and northern coasts, they have nothing in common with those in Japan and French Tahiti. The Australian pearl mining is also adventurous, similar to the opal such. The pearls are harvested from uninhabited coastlines, which look more like a place suitable for shipwreck than a beach holiday. Of all the pearls that Australia yields, those from the South Sea are the most valuable, but unfortunately they are also one of the least known in the world. All of this, of course, is related to the marketing of the pearls themselves.


Australia produces pearls that are not only with remarkable beauty but also with a remarkable size – 20mm in diameter. The best quality pearls have a majestic cool white color and a wonderful shine.


But there are also excellent golden pearls in Australia. For the mussels from which the pearls are extracted, is taken so much care that they can often be used to plant second and third crops of pearls. For these reasons, Australian pearls are one of the most prized cultivated pearls in the world.


Coober Pedy


Coober Pedy is a city in South Australia and it is recognized as the capital of the opal all over the world. Its population is made up of forty different nationalities, and because of the overwhelming heat people live mostly in dwellings under the ground and in the rocks.

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