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The name of the amethyst comes from the Greek “ametistos” which means “not drunk”.

The legend of the amethyst comes from the ancient Greek myth. Dionysus, the god of wine, was offended by an ordinary man who denied him recognition. Enraged, he noticed a young maiden named Amethyst. The girl was about to pay tribute to the goddess Diana. After God Dionysus captured her, the girl prayed for Diana’s help. The goddess, seeing what can happen to the virgin turned her into quartz to protect her from the wrath of Dionysus. Then Dionysus understood what he had caused and cried tears of wine on the stone, and thus the amethyst appeared.


Purple is the color of royal people, and the amethyst has served as a symbol of nobility and has been adored by many monarchs over the years.

It was believed that the amethyst had great power. Leonardo Da Vinci has written that the amethyst has the power to defend against evil thoughts and to increase the intelligence. The Buddhists believe that the amethyst increases the peace and tranquility of the meditation.

Today the amethyst is popular because of its beauty and affordability. The amethyst is a variation of quartz and is quite common.


Its color varies from light purple to dark purple and is most valuable when the deep purple color has pink and cherry highlights.

The amethyst can be found all over the world, but the main fields are Brazil and Uruguay. It can also be found in Zambia, India, Sri Lanka, USA and Russia.


The amethyst is almost always processed to enhance its color. It is a relatively strong stone but should be protected from scratches or sharp objects.


It is important to know that the amethyst, whether with a natural or enhanced color, can fade if it is kept in strong sunlight for a long period of time. It is not a good idea to wear amethyst jewelry when tanning or being in direct sunlight for hours.



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