the cross brooch

How to find out if your silver jewels are real

When it comes to popularity it looks like silver is beginning to replace gold in the hearts of women and men alike. Shiny and beautiful, this metal is used in making all kinds of jewelry – rings, bands, bracelets, etc. There are other materials, however, that look like silver and make it very difficult ...


Why do people prefer silver jewelry?

Lately the jeweler industry experiences remarkable growth in the production and sales because more and more people are realizing the benefits of owning quality silver jewels, which are much less expensive than gold jewels, but are still a good investment. Regardless of whether you are selecting a gift ...


The five most frequently asked question about silver jewelry

Silver jewelry has had world-round popularity for generations. This popularity is mostly due to the price of silver compared to other noble metals like gold and platinum. The great diversity in silver jewelry necessitates that you have certain knowledge if you are to make a successful choice in what ...
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