Fashion jewelry

Jewels are not simply a designer piece of metal. They are also known as valuables – objects of investment and pride for their owner. Many feuds and wars have been started over them in the past and the passions are still high when it comes to buying and selling jewelry. Fashionable jewels For women, ...


How to care for opals and pearls

After spending a lot of money on a jewel, you can not neglect it and let it become dirty. Caring for your jewels is easy. It consists of just a bit of daily care and only twice yearly dropping your jewels off at a jeweler’s for some expert care. Knowing that your jewels are well taken care of ...


Jewelry care

In order to preserve your jewelry you will have to take good care of it. It does not make sense to buy expensive jewels and ruin them for lack of care or knowledge. Read this article to find out how to give your beloved jewels the care they deserve. It is a good idea to visit a jeweler every 6 months ...

Massive jewels are indicators of passion

What do men think when they see a long earring dangling on the ear of their female coworker? What is this woman really trying to convey with these extravagant ornaments alluringly peering from underneath her hair?

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